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The war of salaries

Israel decided, as an immediate response, to President Abbas going to the UN Security Council and then to sign the membership application to join some international treaties, not to transfer tax revenues to the authority budget, which is considered the … Continue reading

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Israel freeze of Palestine tax funds is a”war crime”. And so is cutting the salaries!

Since President Mahmoud Abbas announced signing to join international treaties and institutions, including the International Criminal Court, Israel, backed by its “official sponsor”, the United States, started threatening and intimidating. They have the right to be very frustrated and refute … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Good Intentions Gone Bad

After coming across several saviour complex conversations in real life and on social media, particularly in Palestine, this article comes to address a few things every international “saviour” needs to read and keep in mind before committing another such action. … Continue reading

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Life is Hard

Here we are Standing in front of each other Whining, complaining, shouting, and yelling Crying on one another’s shoulder Moaning about life and How hard it has always been, Is, and will continue to be About how cold and lonely … Continue reading

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عن الزواج والغُربة والمنطق

موضوع المقال المرة هادي هو موضوع إلي بحكي فيه من فترة طويلة نسبيّاً لأنه موضوع جداً مُربك. الموضوع بكل اختصار هو الزواج. أنا مش راح أقعد اقول والله أنا بدّي أكمّل نص ديني التاني وأتزوّج، ولا راح أقول زي ما … Continue reading

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Rules of Language

I know it’s been a while since I shared any of the thoughts that scream to escape my head, to paper. I found peace by writing using pen and paper rather than tapping on a screen or a keyboard even … Continue reading

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