Chapter 4

He wasn’t regular, no. Abdul was very cool and outgoing, friendly, loves to talk and meet new people. Abdul has been through so much in his life, despite the fact that he used to suffer on a daily basis, working very hard during the night while he was very exceptional at school during the day.

Abdul was thin and black haired. He had a light beard and geek-like glasses. He was a computer geek and a very good writer. Abdul used to write so much because he loves writing. He writes because it is the only way he could vent and because, his blog was his best friend.

He was addicted to social media; he always meets new people and expands his social network by the day. Abdul has always dreamt of meeting the love of his life that way because he didn’t seem to find his type among the surrounding women. He had a strong belief that she’s a tweet away. He knew too many girls, but yet none of them was the one he’s been looking for.

One day, Abdul wakes up and checks his email. More than half of the emails he used to receive were notifications of new followers on Twitter, so he just scrolls down and he reads the names of the new followers reading their 160-character bio and thinking whether he should follow them back. Suddenly, he reads the name “Nour” as one of his new followers with a very interesting bio. He followed back.

For some reason, Abdul was surprised of how his feelings changed when he read her name and he still feels it every time he does. He felt like his heart was in his throat beating very fast that it would break out of his chest.

Abdul knew there is something about Nour, so he decided to strengthen his relationship with her hoping of something he has always dreamed of to happen. It didn’t take them long to get along and love the time they tweet one another. He intended to stay online as much as possible so that he could tweet her whenever she’s online. Nour was amazed of how much online Abdul is. Nour started to find it difficult to live a day without tweeting Abdul. He has always drawn a smile to her face.

Feelings started to grow stronger between the two. The more he knows about her, the more he loves her. Nour felt it too. Abdul has always seen her as the woman of his dreams. Nour was beautiful, caring, loving, sensitive, very cheerful and smart, that was exactly what Abdul was seeking in his woman. Nour had it all.

Poor Abdul, he didn’t know what was going on. He loved her way too much for him to be able to sleep at night without spending minutes staring at her picture then going to sleep to dream about her. He loved her way too much that he never really thought what she exactly feels for him. All he knew was that he loves her so madly. Nour, however, finds him nice to talk to, and friendly.

Abdul was very afraid to knock on Nour’s door and tell her he loves her. Abdul “halal” loved Nour, and he wanted to marry her, but there were many questions running in Abdul’s head despite the fact that he was 4 years older than her, he always think of what he is going to do if she said no because of many different factors. Abdul and Nour have never met in real, and their chances of meeting are very weak because he lives overseas. Moreover, she still hasn’t graduated yet. Abdul would wait for a lifetime for her. He cared less about everything else.

Although Abdul still sometimes find it difficult to talk to Nour for some unknown reasons, he would do whatever it takes to win her heart. Yet he’s afraid of telling her about how he feels.

Nader K.

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Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise ( Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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8 Responses to Chapter 4

  1. Dinosaur_ x says:

    Awww this is so cute! I hope Abdul gets his Nour. Inshallah.

  2. Nour Nabulsi says:

    Maaaan! I’m gonna put it in this way > I’m madly in love with all of your posts <3
    Lucky she!
    I hope one day you both will meet ..

  3. Jewel says:

    hhhhmmm, I think this is more fact than fiction my talented friend. SHE will be lucky to have you!

  4. Falastiniyeh says:

    hehehehe eh Wallah ANYTHING is possible. I always told myself I didn’t want to marry a guy who wasn’t a US citizen,bc I was scared he would marry me for that. Well after a few engagements, I met my now husband who was only in the US a few years & not a citizen. SubhanAllah he even lived 1 min from me & I never ran into him before but my family knew him. So really …. anything is possible if you have faith 🙂

    Oh & he grew up in a mukhayam fe Falasteen & I a born & raised girl from the US of Israhell 🙂

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