Chapter 5

This chapter won’t be anything special. The character won’t be ideal too. I hope you enjoy your time reading.

His name was Ali. He was that type of guys you wouldn’t like at the beginning. Ali had a light beard and long hair, unemployed, and all he ever dreamt of is leaving the country as there were hardly any job opportunities, and it wasn’t politically stable at all.

Ali did his best to leave the country. He contacted universities abroad, employers, and friends seeking his chance to leave. All was in vane. He has always damned his luck for being there from the very beginning, hating every moment he ever lived. Until he met Aisha, a girl he met online.

Aisha wasn’t anything but a regular girl next door. She was averagely beautiful, cool, with a great love to Palestine, especially those who live in Gaza. While Ali, was one of hundreds-if not thousands-of guys who would give anything to leave Gaza. He was sensitive but ambitious and full of hope.

It didn’t take long before Ali and Aisha started to carry feelings for each other. The more they talked, the bigger and stronger the feelings grew. Ali would hardly survive through the day in which he doesn’t talk to Aisha, the thing that was pretty much the same to her too.

They had contracted dreams and thoughts, and for long time, neither one thought of the other as the person they would spend their lifetime with. She wanted to come to Gaza, live till she dies there while Ali, however, was dying to leave and never come back. He also was poor and she was rich. And this made Ali’s life a living hell.

One day, Ali’s heart replaced his throat, with racing heartbeats. He could barely breath, think, or speak. It was pretty much the same for Aisha, who couldn’t imagine the possibility of living without Ali being there, in her life. She feared that Ali liked someone else or he’s already in a relationship with one of the girl he knew. She didn’t like the fact that he is sweet by nature to the fact that he would be misunderstood and being called “flirt pants”. She couldn’t understand what does he do it stating that there’s no reason to flirt with every girl he knew. That was her excuse, but the true reason was of the fire inside, eating her very heart and soul.

For Ali, things were cool. He thought being sweet to people is something everybody likes. He has always spoken his heart. Never faked a single word or feeling. He never thought that being sweet to everybody would make people talk bad about him, or worse, to lose someone he always wanted to be with.

Aisha talked to him about it many times, indirectly. But the time to face him with it has come and she has to tell him to his face how it feels when he flirts with someone. She told him how jealous she feels and how much she hates her life when it happens. Ali cared so much to listen to her this time so he decided to stop because, in his opinion, there’s one and only one girl that deserves all the sweet talks. As for the rest, he will just smile. It took Ali so much time and effort to get used to not talking sweet to others. He even quit smoking, because he knew she hates it. He wants to be how she wants him to be. From a perspective, Aisha would sound greedy, but she isn’t greedy. She wants her man to be the best.

Ali was so deeply madly in love with Aisha, who shared him the same feelings. Yet neither made the first step towards living happily ever after. Ali still waits for more hints, while Aisha keeps looking for ways to telling him how she feels, indirectly.

One day, Aisha told Ali that she is coming to Gaza, to see how does it look, and to meet him. Ali asked her out immediately, and she couldn’t do anything but accept. He cried because he was very happy, she cried because he was crying and that they are finally going to meet after all these years they have known each other.

Ali planned for something big. Ali won’t be in action till their eyes meet.

Nader K.

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8 Responses to Chapter 5

  1. Nour Nabulsi says:

    O M G!
    I’m speechless, can’t find the words to say. I loved it!
    And I hope when they both meet, they’ll madly fall in love and be able to live happily ever after for the rest of their lives.
    B T W, I loved this one > Ali planned for something big. Ali won’t be in action till their eyes meet.
    So romantic!

  2. Maryam B says:

    This was beautifully written, I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  3. Roda says:

    oh my! soo amazing! I would be lying if this didn’t make me go “awww”. keep it up & definitely looking towards the next one! 😀

  4. Ahlam says:

    can’t wait for the 2nd part
    wish that Aisha don’t face obstacles in Rafah crossing

  5. Nader K. says:

    Wait and you’ll find out what happens to them

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