Chapter 6

He has always been searching for the girl of his dreams, the one with whom he will be sharing his whole life, ambitions, dreams, hardships, laughter, and tears. Ayman couldn’t find the girl of his dreams since he started looking for one three years ago. He went to different colleges and universities, attended workshops and joined youth communities. Ayman was so close to losing hope in finding her till that day. A day Ayman would never forget. It was the day when their eyes met, when he, for the first time in his life, feels his heart beating so strong.

Ayman felt that it’s time he becomes a stalker. He wanted to stalk her to find out whether she’s really the one or not. Ayman stalked her almost everywhere. Being a geek, he could get all her information from the Internet and found out the things she likes and dislikes, dreams and ambitions and even her most favorite moments with friends.

Poor Leila, she didn’t know that there’s someone in this world that would want to stalk her because she has always thought of herself as a normal person and she would never be interesting to whomever she sees or talks to.

Being shy, Ayman could never imagine himself talking to her. He liked her so much to the fact that he started seeing himself with her as wife and husband living so happily.

One day, Leila enters the same class Ayman was in. Ayman couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her and started praying that she comes and sits on the desk right next to him. Well, Leila was late for class and the chair besides him was the only one available and she had no choice but to sit there. During the class, Ayman didn’t pay attention to what’s going on or what the professor was talking about. Leila has his full attention.

They sat next to each other for the whole semester during which, Ayman and Leila became friends. They used to meet after school to talk about random things. Leila wasn’t like the other girls who would hangout, party, or even go shopping. Cars and computers were here obsession, and so was Ayman.

Feelings between Leila and Ayman started to grow stronger every time they meet, smile, laugh, or even talk about the silliest thing two people would talk about. And one night, there was a full moon and a million shinning stars in the sky and Ayman thought it would be the best moment for him to declare his love to her. To tell her how much he loves her and how great he feels for her, in his heart.

So he went to her house, stood under her window and called her cellphone, she picks up and he asks her to open the window and she does. “psst, over here!” he said in a very low voice not wanting to attract her parents’ attention. She looks at him with a smile and asks, “what are you doing here?” and with an ear-to-ear smile Ayman replied, “Leila, I love you”. Leila was very shy and happy, but she couldn’t reply because the cat ate her tongue. She goes back to her room while Ayman climbs the tree and jumps to her window and enters her room.

“I love you, Leila” Ayman said again, and all Leila could do is hide her face with her hands out of shyness. He approaches her, holds her hands and kisses her forehead and Leila surrendered to him. “I love you too, Ayman” she replied. Ayman was very happy that if he could, he would fly up to the moon and come back to earth.

They both were serious about the relationship and they wanted to get married once they graduate and Ayman finds a job, of course. Ayman and Leila shared everything except for bed. They shared laughter and tears, happiness and sadness, dreams and ambitions; they even studied for exams and wrote countless essays and reports together. Their life was just perfect and all they needed was to graduate and get married.

Two years later, they graduated. It was the day they patiently were anticipating for. One day later, the guys threw a huge party celebrating their graduation and everybody was invited. There was lots of people, loud music, drinks of all kinds, and everything you could possibly imagine.

Leila didn’t feel well so she left early as Ayman was having a great time partying with his friends. Due to peer pressure, Ayman had a few shots and he liked it then he continued drinking until he got drunk. Leila got too worried about Ayman as he didn’t call her yet so she called to make sure he’s okay. Ayman was driving his way home, drunk, with 3 hours friends. Ayman never called that night.

Leila had waited Ayman to call her for too long and she fell asleep. She wakes up in the morning and calls him first thing in the morning, but his cellphone was turned off the thing that made her worry more than last night. She tried calling him multiple times as his cellphone was still turned off. Then she decided to go to his house and find out what’s happening and why is the cellphone still turned off.

She puts some clothes on and gets in her car and drives to Ayman’s house. As she approaches his house, she finds many people by the door that was widely open. Leila has become very worried and a terrible feeling started to crawl into her.
Leila sees Ayman’s father with a pale face and rivers of tears running down from his eye. The car drifted as Ayman was driving drunk and fell off the cliff. Everybody in the car including Ayman, died.

PS: I was keeping it Halal, you know 😉

Nader K.

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  1. Maryam B says:

    Did the real Laila read this?

  2. ola says:

    thank god that the charcters r fictional . i hate bad ends

  3. Reham says:

    Such a sweet and sad story nothing perfect 🙁

  4. Reham says:

    definitely right 🙂

  5. Falastiniyeh says:

    We sure do ! al7amdilaah for every bad thing bc it does make you appreciate the good once it comes. love the stories sayyid Nader 🙂

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