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  1. Omar says:

    I thought of Gaza when I read this poem Muhammad Ali read out to black college students in segregated America in the 60s…enjoy:

    Why are we called Negroes?
    Why are we deaf, dumb and blind?
    Why is everybody making progress?
    And yet we lag so far behind?
    Why are we mistreated?
    Why are we in this condition?
    Stripped of our name
    Our language
    Our culture
    Our God and our religion

    Here in America
    All of our religious training has been gotten by the preacher
    He has told us of a heaven
    Way up in the sky
    That we can’t enjoy now
    But rather after we die
    But all the years that we have been living
    For us theres nothing but hell
    Pain, torture and misgivings
    Yet the bible speaks of a heaven
    Filled with material luxuries
    Which the white man and the preacher
    Have right here so we see
    So my friends, take it for what it is worth
    Your heaven and your hell are right here on this earth

    Muhammad Ali

  2. jc says:

    carry the message
    we will make it stick
    we will make it work

  3. aya says:

    cannot express how much i have enjoyed reading your blog, so glad i stumbled upon it. please keep up the good work!