Israel freeze of Palestine tax funds is a”war crime”. And so is cutting the salaries!

Since President Mahmoud Abbas announced signing to join international treaties and institutions, including the International Criminal Court, Israel, backed by its “official sponsor”, the United States, started threatening and intimidating. They have the right to be very frustrated and refute their dark fate, and the future they never dreamt of, if the “Palestinian step” continued pushing forward until the end, and wasn’t hampered by any hidden actor that’s non-national!

Since the step Abbas has taken, which was met with appreciation and national and popular support, and is perhaps the first step that receives this favourable response since months ago, there was no active Palestinian presence of what would be a national and real national movement after the “signature”, only statements from right and right, some said without focus, as if the speaker has internal fear of what happened..

It was very logical, judging from the historic Palestinian experience, that “a legal-political work cell” is formed to monitor reactions and next steps as well, after the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation be inlaid with representatives of some of the powers and serious competencies, not escorts, held a series of meetings, to begin the journey “fully-loaded political battle”, and prepare for what could be a reaction of forces enemy and their allies. It is logical that this is could be the Palestinian scene..

But what happened is unrelated to what should have happened, but the big surprise, was that President Abbas did not hold any meeting to discuss the next steps or possible reactions of Israel and Washington, and what are the “national choices” to any obstructive step. He didn’t even form any “work cell” to insure the supposed evolution that “qualitative development” will have significant side effects, which requires hard work, when all the features that should be prepared to keep the united image as a one man were absent, and a Palestinian only needs to read everything that happened after the Signature scene on Wednesday evening..

This is because the issue is not being tracked for the failure for the political and unjustified lazing by President Abbas and his own cell. What we’re looking for, is the president to call, from his position and responsibility, for a required meeting of the leadership of the organisation and representatives of the absent forces, to mark the beginning of the national movement, and for everyone to be aware that there is a new national Palestinian and that the decisions taken are not only part of a different political orientation to put an end to the path of cynicism that has prevailed for many years, in the negotiations journey after the assassination of Yassir Arafat, without benefits and without any results to mention, but a shameful outcome of further supported settlements and Judaisation and obstructed the path to get rid of the occupation..

But the surprise that nobody could expect, sane or semi-sane, and certainly not the crazy mainly because they have lost their senses, was the leaking a list of dozens of staff from those who live in the Gaza Strip will be have their salaries cut because they are accused of being biased to the current MP Mohammad Dahlan, which coincides with the decision of Israel to stop the trasnsfer of “tax returns” to the Palestinian budget, in response to the decision to go to the ICC..

Verifying both news, in spite of the contrast, we find that the decision to cut salaries of employees for political reasons or violation is not accepted by who’s in charge in Palestine, forgetting that the salary is not in exchange pf political position or political allegiance, not being part of the budget or your faction or body, it is a right for the employee as a result of work or the price paid in advance through the long path of freedom. The faction or body has the right to freeze or disconnect or terminate any relationship with those who believe that they are no longer part of what they want, and that’s a special regulatory issue, but the salary is an inviolable right under any circumstances, there is no need to recall what happened with the characters betrayed the nation and the cause, including some people the President Abbas knows well..

If Israel’s decision to freeze the transfer of the tax revenue, a Palestinian absolute right, and a war crime in every sense, the decision to cut the salary of any employee under any pretext or charge or what could be is also a “crime” punishable ..

Isn’t it weird to export “misfortunes” to a Palestinian home, instead of working to mobilise their energies to confront the enemy and their plans to besiege the Palestinian reaction, you could consider such an approach and practice a step that indicates that there is a serious national decision to face Israel and to get rid of the occupation ..

After giving it some thought, who looks for a comprehensive and serious confrontation can not be doing such behaviour from absenting the leadership to cut the salaries. A bit of brain is necessary if the protection the homeland and its cause project is what’s wanted..!

Note: Public Works Minister announces: money does not come for reconstruction because “the government does not control the situation in the Gaza Strip” .. Is such a statement passes without permission without questioning? And does Hamas remain silent without being aware of the danger of it!

Special mention: the death of the Al-Hobi boy is a human tragedy that requires the presidency and the government question the truth of what happened .the murdered young Palestinian requires questioning who is a representative of the people of Palestine!

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One Response to Israel freeze of Palestine tax funds is a”war crime”. And so is cutting the salaries!

  1. “the government does not control the situation in the Gaza Strip” – does the government, any government in our part of this nice world, got any control to start with ya Nader? Are we “classified” as states.

    “did not hold any meeting to discuss the next steps or possible reactions” that is merely what our circle of “freedom” is bound to; re-acting. And even then such reactions, the major ones at least with a potential pay off, are pre-calculated/contained!

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