London Entry #1

It has been a very long time since I last published anything anywhere on the Internet. I’ve been trying to find an excuse, but I couldn’t. Maybe because I went into temporary unconsciousness, or maybe the brain-orgasmic feeling I used to get as I write doesn’t satisfy me anymore. Here I am, decided to publish this piece this time and still looking for an excuse.

I always think about what stopped me from writing so often like I used to but end up with a thousand meaningless thoughts and reasons in my mind. I don’t know if you blame me for not writing for such a very long time. I know I should’ve kept on writing no matter what happens. But sometimes life can get way out of control, and my life profoundly did.

I’m writing this as I think of a reason why am I writing and what is it that I’m going to write about? Should I write how very culturally shocked I am for all I’ve seen since I left Gaza? Or should I write about my experience? What should I exactly write about? Feelings? Experiences? Neither? Either? Something else?

A countless thoughts flowing into my brain working really hard to process any into something I can benefit from.

I left Gaza 33 days ago, during which, I’ve been through a lot of everything. The escalator, the tube, the bus, the taxi (which is very much different that what I’m used to from back home), huge supermarkets, laws, people, atmosphere, pubs, cafes, long food and drinks menus I couldn’t understand accompanied with this overwhelming fear of trying anything I don’t know because my stomach wouldn’t like it, and the difficulty of going to somewhere nice and trying to settle for seafood or something vegetarian because they don’t serve Halal meat.

Apart from this, I like how the community accepts the fact that some people don’t drink or eat pork. It makes me feel comfortable to a level. People would always assume that I don’t drink of eat pork for religious purposes but it honestly has nothing to do with it. I look at it from a personal perspective. Pork isn’t my type of meat and it’s scientifically proven that it’s not good for health, and alcohol smells bad and tastes horrible.

Although people would reply to that by saying they like to feel high and good and forget about their problems for a while but I would always reply back saying that forgetting about your problems by drinking isn’t going to solve any at all. Fact is, your problems will accumulate and life will be really difficult to endure gradually. If you want to feel high, you can eat a lot of food and smoke a regular cigarette and if you want to have fun, just go somewhere nice with people you love to be with. Problem solved!

The weather is cold. Autumn here is nothing different from winter in Gaza. I’m anticipating winter with fear slowly crawling into my heart. The incredible amounts of rain, the raging wind and the distance I have to talk from my house to the station to my campus and back. I look at it as taking a shower in public, free of charge! Don’t forget to bring your towel and shampoo with you.

There are so many things I want to write about but something I don’t know keeps pushing me away from it. I want to write how I feel and see especially that this is my first time to travel in my life.

I don’t know if I miss home, or if it’s still early to miss home. I don’t know if I will ever miss it. But I undoubtedly miss those close to heart.

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About Nader Elkhuzundar

Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise ( Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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12 Responses to London Entry #1

  1. Your words touch my feelling .. be strong and fight to win your dream <3

  2. haitham says:

    el 7amdellah 3a assalamah awwal shee 🙂

    I think I can relate very much to each line u wrote!

    we arrive at scotland 18 days ago, 1st time in europe, 2 kids along, info-overload = the slogan of this phase!

    I`m pretty sure one can adapt, no matter what but a better (worse?!) Q. is , till how long?


    I don’t know if I miss home = such a mental/emotional state for me too 🙁

    • Allah ysalmak Haitham. 7amdella 3ala salamtak enta kaman 🙂

      wallah info overload with all the things you need to learn and do, etc. I won’t explain and go any further because we both are going through the same. Life here is nothing I can compare to life back home. I mean, life between Gaza and London, there are so many things different, if not ALL. You need to adapt although adapting is a matter of time. Adapting one of the personal differences between each individual and another. But you will and have(?) to adapt as soon as possible so you can go on with life, smoothly.

      I know it’s very difficult for you especially that you have the kids with you now. Allah ykoon b3onak ya sadeeqi 🙂

  3. haitham says:

    Allah ysalmak

    u just keep those posts comin` and do NOT disappear much 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful post Nader! No doubt this is hard and exciting at the same time! You’ll get used to it! You will adapt to many things, and equally dislike many others, just like in Gaza. There might even be a day when you talk about London saying:عندنا بلندن! Plz rememeber me and laugh when you do 🙂 and then… When and if you go back to Gaza, the shock will be reversed, because they don’t have the escalator, tube or the funny looking taxi’s that you would have gotten so used to!

    • Thanks a lot Michelle 🙂 i honestly started using عندنا بلندن during my first week here when speaking to friends and family from back home. haha. but sometimes i say ‘here’ referring to Gaza while talking to someone about life in there! funny lol

  5. Sounds like quite the experience.
    Dont forget to represent Gaza and tell people about the injustice that has happened there
    Looking forward to reading more about your endeavours

  6. Will sure do 🙂

  7. Christine says:

    I really like reading about your ‘cultural shock’, I was very curious how you’d feel about London when I saw on your twitter account that you left Gaza. I hope you’re still doing well and enjoying London and getting accustomed to the cold. I hope you’ll write more soon too cause I really like reading your blog but I know what it’s like when you can’t or don’t want to write for a while. And lastly I hope your family and friends in Gaza are safe, all the people in Gaza are in my prayers. (and PS, you don’t know me, but I just like your writing:))

    • Thank you very much! I’m trying my nest to experience as much as possible. Life here is completely different which makes it more difficult. But I’m learning how to adapt really quickly. I hope you enjoy the rest of the posts too!

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