Mama, I miss you.

Tears running down the fair-skinned cheek, sparkling as they slowly flow to the chin. As pure as a child’s heart yet scorching hot like lava on both sides of the face. The first drop scorches the most, but as it rolls down it draws the path for the rest to follow easily, to roll smoothly afterwards.
The grass is always greener on the other side.

We have always hated where we are and what we do. We have always hated many things. Life, death, love, work, food, the weather, or someone. Especially our parents and siblings. We have always fought and argued on the little things, because we’re bored. In spite of all what has been happening to us in the past 65 years, we have lived through it. We have survived.

We, all, have hated our parents the most when they said no when we desperately needed the yes, thinking that this three-letter word will bring happiness and satisfaction upon us, but I guess not.

We all have reached this level, at some point. A level at which we can’t tolerate anything anymore and wanting nothing but to go away and throw everything behind and start a new life.
Here’s to a new beginning.

And then we move. We tailor the life that fits us just perfectly, or so we believe. Then time passes and we start hating everyone and everything again, but one thing remains. Good times we had with people we love. Moments we will always cherish and remember. And this is the case of everyone and everywhere.
Nothing is warmer and safer than my mom’s arms.

I’m not sure what would my answer be when I’m asked about what do I miss about home the most but every time I think about it, the same voice that rang in my ears for 25 years, that bright smile, that lovely laughter, and that beautiful face all strike me at once. My heart aches a little bit and I feel a little burn.
I love you, mama.

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About Nader Elkhuzundar

Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise ( Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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13 Responses to Mama, I miss you.

  1. I don`t think I can read this again! Not for a while at least.

    Wallahy I`m speechless ya Nader.

    • Here, I’ve put my tears into words because I can’t cry to her on the phone and tell her I miss her. Her tears are precious to me.

      Thanks for reading, Haitham. Hope life is treating you well.

      • الله يخليلكم إياها و ما تشوفها إلا بدموع الفرح يا رب.

        أنا علاقتي مع أمي (متوترة) بمراحل كثيرة بحياة أسرتنا، خليتني أشتاقلها أكثر بكلماتك.
        الحمدلله ، نحن بخير. من أمس و عاصفة ثلجية هنا بغلاسكو، لتمنى الطقس عندك أفضل. إن شاء الله أمورك و دراستك تمام؟

        • أنا آسف. بتمنى الأمور تتحسن عمّا قريب.
          الحمد لله ماشي الحال. أول مرة أتغرب وحاسس بوحدة قاتلة. دراستي صعبة والله و متغلب فيها بس الحمد لله. الجو كان جميل اخر كم يوم بس رجع البرد والمطر كمان مرة

  2. Jewel Al Safa says:

    Love it <3

  3. Michelle says:

    Allah y2awweek ya Nader w tirja3 tshoof immak w 7abaybak kulhom 3an 2areeb, wil dmoo3 tseer dmoo3 far7a ya rab!

  4. Umm Qahtan says:

    Nader, you got me crying.
    Reading a grown mans words of love for his Mama really tugs my heart in a beautiful way. I hope inshaAllah soon you will be with your loved ones as much as I hope my little baby boy will come home to me when he is a man or even before that.
    Ya Rabbi. Rahma waldik.

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