#Mar15 One Palestine-HQ

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  1. Anas Hamra says:

    دامت الثورة .. حتى الحرية

    بالوحدة للشعب .. تكن الحرية لفلسطين

    أجمل تحية

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  3. maik says:

    My Last Five Tweets on #Mar15

    RT @psy_warrior: Time to wind down my long day & express my IMMENSE PRIDE for Palestinian Youth of #Mar15 _ i will never forget U nor what you did today ♥

    RT @psy_warrior: Time to express my disappointment & disgust with the people who betrayed #Mar15 Who promised you support and then betrayed your trust >: (

    RT @psy_warrior: To name&shame Fatah & #PalestinianAuthority feeding off scraps thrown by REAL #zionist enemy &defending this status quo by attacking #Mar15

    RT @psy_warrior: To name&shame Hamas who claim to be a legitimate govt then prove to #Mar15 & #EyesOfTheWorld that they are no better than Mubarak or Gaddafi

    RT @psy_warrior: &save my last &my greatest disgust for UK Embassy in TelAviv_ who tweet in Hebrew and are fans of JIDF _ @ukinisrael my war with u now begins!

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