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MAR15. Main Track – hayo tal elsha3b hayo – ‫هيو طل الشعب هيو‬

MAR15. National Reconcilliation – almosala7a elwataniya – ‫المصالحة الوطنية‬


Learn Your Lessons From Your Country – 5do elqasas min alwatan – ‫خذو القصاص من الوطن‬

Pages of Shame – saf7at 3ar – ‫إنها صفحات عار‬

The Land Witnesses -alard tashhad – ‫الأرض تشهد‬

The Siblings – alasheqa – ‫الأشقاء‬

We are tired – wallah t3ebna – ‫و الله تعبنا‬

Who is Benefiting? – men elmostafeed – ‫مين المستفيد؟‬

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