Mr Kuffiyeh IV

Everything happens for a reason. So the saying goes. Or rather, so Nader believed. To him, there was more to it than just a reason or two. Although he’s been continuously refusing the idea of falling in love wasn’t him . The calm, rational him everybody had known.

It surely didn’t feel good deep down when seeing these happy couples walking down the street or sitting together exchanging the sweetness of both words and laughter. Being the analytical person he is, Nader could almost tell how the person he’s observing is feeling. The eyes, the lips, hands, feet. Every single move means something.

Nader had never observed or analyzed anybody purposely. He’d do it either for fun or for something to do. A way to keep himself busy instead of just thinking of how to overcome the miserable life of his which has been exhausting both, body and soul.

Back in 2005, right after graduating from high school with a GPA not so well to pursue a great degree at the university, he’d had gone to a driving school. His uncle’s. Where he’d met his first love. It seemed like it was written for him to meet her. Fall in love with her so deeply. In a blink of an eye.

Diana was the first reason why Nader believed in love and lost it all a couple years later. It’s never been denied that he’d lived the best days with her but being very objective, she was selfish in choosing to getting married to a complete stranger after running away to Qatar. Escaping the dream.

From a perspective, one would stand and think about it then say it’s never selfish. Nader wasn’t 1% ready to get married to her at that time. He was only 20, how on earth is a 20-year-old ready to get married? In spite of all that, Nader wasn’t the kind of people that would run away from responsibilities. But the idea of getting married at such a very young age especially that he hadn’t graduated yet or even had a job at that time was completely unacceptable to him regardless of family too.

The shocking news had shattered Nader’s heart. That was when Diana had called him telling him that she’s getting married to a complete stranger she’d never met before. Although Nader wished her well, his heart was shattered. Her every word mashed what had remained of his heart. Squeezing so roughly. Absolutely unmerciful.

It took him a very long time to realize the fact completely. And an even longer time to heal. It wasn’t too soon for Nader to forget how great it felt being in love with someone. Being loved back. All the nice things accompanied with love, and other things. Though Nader started to lose the belief he once had that love still exists in a materialistic world, he’d been on a quest to find the person who’d completely and -undoubtly for ever- changed the way he looks at it. Change the concepts, the definitions, and the perspective. Nader didn’t really believe in that idea but he’d still look here and there and hopefully find that person.

Call it Ms. Right. Call it soul mate. Neither meant something to him. Nader had believed in the theory of: the more people you meet, the more you’ll find. Based on which, he’d met a lot of good people both online and in real life. Although online didn’t really have that much of an effect, he’d still believed that she’d be there somewhere sitting behind a screen waiting for him. Or maybe sitting in the kitchen learning how to cook.

Working or a housewife, it wasn’t a big deal to him. Blonde, brunette, Arab, or non-Arab. Not any of these was something he’d consider as long as there’s love and understanding. Let her be whoever she is because if you truly love someone, nothing else would really matter as much as love and understanding fills the air in between.

Nader had always had something for Arab girls. Especially the eyes. Big black eyes. Dark black hair. But it’s too soon to any of that to change once he meets the one he believes he’d want to share what’s left of his life with. Laughter and tears. Through thick and thin, and the list goes on.

Those who had known Nader from up close had always wondered what would attract him to a girl the most. Some people even started to think that Nader has no interest into girls at all since all he’s been saying whenever he’s asked whether he’d found the girl yet: ‘no I didn’t. I’m looking. Or rather waiting. I don’t know’. Unlike others, personality was what attracts him the most despite of the looks. Simply, because someone is beautiful till they grow up old. While inner beauty is like a diamond. It’s always the same even if it ages.

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Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise ( Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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