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Authoritarian, corrupt and unfit for purpose: President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority denounced in letter to Arab League and EU

By: Duncan Thomas – ForMENA President Abbas’ and the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) long-fomenting crisis of legitimacy has reached new levels, with representatives of three hundred and fifty unpaid public-sector employees denouncing the administration in a scathing letter sent to the … Continue reading

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The war of salaries

Israel decided, as an immediate response, to President Abbas going to the UN Security Council and then to sign the membership application to join some international treaties, not to transfer tax revenues to the authority budget, which is considered the … Continue reading

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Israel freeze of Palestine tax funds is a”war crime”. And so is cutting the salaries!

Since President Mahmoud Abbas announced signing to join international treaties and institutions, including the International Criminal Court, Israel, backed by its “official sponsor”, the United States, started threatening and intimidating. They have the right to be very frustrated and refute … Continue reading

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Watching From Distance

It has been so long since I last shared what is in my head with the rest of the world. It has been always difficult to form a thousand thoughts raging inside my head mixed with thoughtful emotions, random words, … Continue reading

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A View From Gaza: 3 Days Too Late

Gaza, (Pal. Telegraph)– An agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority has been signed in order to partially solve the fuel issue. The agreement was true and the crisis was partially solved. Fuel has been entering Gaza Strip in an … Continue reading

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Dear Israel – by @NasimaBee

Below is a poem written by @NasimaBee. It was inspired by post, To My Unborn Children. Dear Israel, I feel to break every single wall right now, Punch and kick and shove any life that was in them, Scream at … Continue reading

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