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The Unsaid

Every time I would just open the chat box And all I wanna type was poetry Poetry that is only for you Just for you Poetry that has never been written or recited to before But you Poetry that’s as … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

A busy crossroads charged with a countless thoughts and questions. A brown-bearded man standing in the middle of it. Pale clothes, bare-foot. This is the image of how I often see myself nowadays. Slapped on both sides of me face … Continue reading

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A Love Story

Our love story started over twenty-five years ago. She is why I am who I am today. The reasons and the motives. Beautiful from the outside yet strong and persistent from the inside. She’s the most important woman in my … Continue reading

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Mama, I miss you.

Tears running down the fair-skinned cheek, sparkling as they slowly flow to the chin. As pure as a child’s heart yet scorching hot like lava on both sides of the face. The first drop scorches the most, but as it … Continue reading

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Undisclosed Desire

Lost between what’s wrong and what’s right, or rather, between what should and shouldn’t be wandering, unwilling to find a middle ground of my own, unhappy with what I have, dissatisfied. A weird mixture of everything that’s wrong in the … Continue reading

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Watching From Distance

It has been so long since I last shared what is in my head with the rest of the world. It has been always difficult to form a thousand thoughts raging inside my head mixed with thoughtful emotions, random words, … Continue reading

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