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Palestine Comes First

It’s been a very long since I actually have written something creative. I think it’s because of the lack of inspiration. Or maybe, which I rather think of as, that my life has been dramatically changing from almost all aspects, … Continue reading

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Dear Israel – by @NasimaBee

Below is a poem written by @NasimaBee. It was inspired by post, To My Unborn Children. Dear Israel, I feel to break every single wall right now, Punch and kick and shove any life that was in them, Scream at … Continue reading

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Mr Kuffiyeh IV

Everything happens for a reason. So the saying goes. Or rather, so Nader believed. To him, there was more to it than just a reason or two. Although he’s been continuously refusing the idea of falling in love wasn’t him … Continue reading

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Mr Kuffiyeh III

Being the eldest of four, he had more responsibilities on his shoulders. Being the eldest of grandsons in both his father’s and his mother’s sides has even more responsibilities. Things had always been going from bad to worse. Or reach … Continue reading

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Mr Kuffiyeh II

Manners meant a lot to Mr. Kuffiyeh. He had always had his standards to which he aspires. He had his high standards he’s always been doing his utmost to live by. Although he realizes that there’s nothing that can be … Continue reading

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Mr. Kuffiyeh

Almost a year ago. I graduated from university. Named the top class student on my major. And received a $10 wall clock for my outstanding academic performance. I still remember that day – and I always will – as if … Continue reading

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