The Unsaid

Every time I would just open the chat box
And all I wanna type was poetry
Poetry that is only for you
Just for you
Poetry that has never been written or recited to before
But you
Poetry that’s as raging as the ocean during the storm
Yet deep and pure under the surface
But poetry are just words, you see
I’m aware of how powerful and meaningful words can be
But for you, there are never enough words
For you, there’s no poetry
Because, you see, I would find no words to write or recite
For you
Because this, and all that there is, for you,
Is as far beyond as you are from the sea
And now that I’m writing to you
These unspoken words
That I kept buried in my chest for so long
Since the day we met, I’m not sure
The same words I thought I would be buried with one day
I feared that I would never get the chance to speak
For I knew distance had made me weak
I admit I was wrong
I know I wasn’t doing all right
I confess that this was one of the words yet most difficult decision I’ve made
But the time has come
To write to you what should’ve never been revealed, maybe
For reasons unknown to me
Reasons that I realize but not rationalised
Reasons I can feel in my heart
Reasons I feel the burden of upon my chest
Like mountains pressing harder every time I think of you
But words now have been set free
I’m not sure what I’m doing right now but,
My body is shivering
And my heartbeats are racing.
I know you’re smiling because I can feel that, too
Imagine a damp dark place,
As dark as an unmanned cave
Imagine with all this pitch black around, a thin bundle of light comes through
Penetrating this darkness,
Making its way through
Out to the other end to where its journey ends.
This cave is my mind
And the bundle of light is the thought of you
Forgive me if I fail to describe
How it is for me in either case: with and without you
The pain is surreal and the agony seemed to last forever
But every time I would give up and think it’s all pitch black
You shine your way back
Words shall remain words
Printed, carved, tattooed, or whatever
Words without a physical contact remain the same, like anything else
Call me materialistic but when it comes to these things
Nothing beats holding your hands,
Looking into your eyes letting my soul drown into you
As my lips and tongue collaborate to let out the best part of me
And that is the way I feel about you
I don’t know where I should start
What to tell and what not to tell
Not that there is something I don’t want to say but,
I don’t want to be redundant but,
Though I know if I don’t repeat every word I say a thousand times to you
I wont be satisfied
But this, you see, might bore you, I’m afraid
For I have been waiting for this moment for so long
To crack open my chest and pour my heart for you
To hold your hands, look you in the eye, and whisper all the things I want to say
I know you want me to whisper all that is sweet and romantic to you
But I whisper because what I will say to your right ear,
Is different from what I will say to the left one
And now that I’m done whispering
I look you in the eye, and lose my soul into you
My lips and tongue move accordingly declaring the unspoken words
So there, I said the unsaid, to you

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About Nader Elkhuzundar

Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise ( Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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