Undisclosed Desire

Lost between what’s wrong and what’s right, or rather, between what should and shouldn’t be wandering, unwilling to find a middle ground of my own, unhappy with what I have, dissatisfied.

A weird mixture of everything that’s wrong in the shape of a man that follows me wherever I go. Tracking me down, hunting the mere thoughts of happiness that are shyly approaching for a purpose, fighting to reach one goal, making me happy.

I don’t know where will I end up with this, neither do I know what to do. While ignoring is  sinking in uncertainty, willingly following the guide is as uncertain.

Beautiful colours and scents of coffee, smiley faces, and eyes full of hope. White like snow yet as black as coffee. Loud music, so empty, so wordless, pushing my thoughts towards the unknown hiding underneath a layer of undisclosed desire. The lust for the unknown.

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About Nader Elkhuzundar

Nader Elkhuzundar is a commentator on Palestinian affairs and Co-founder of Beyond Compromise (www.beyondcompromise.com). Elkhuzundar occasionally freelances for The Guardian, International Business Times, and others. He's a social media enthusiast and tech savvy with particular interest in new technologies and analytics, and enjoys reading over Arabic coffee and dark chocolate.
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  2. Beauty of discovery -too- 🙂

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