It all started with a single tweet by me using #YouKnowYouAreInGaza and now it’s a river you can never stop.

Keep an eye on the hashtag

Following is a collection of great tweets with the hashtag

#YouKnowYouAreInGaza if you wake up in the morning and the buzz of the israeli drones is the first thing you hear
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza is all of those people you see are drinking turkish coffee
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see the smile upon everybody’s lips
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when every one you meet insists on inviting you for lunch/dinner
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see the beautiful sea side
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you meet me LOL
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the electricity is out for 8 hours a day at least
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza if you can’t live a peacefully silent night
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza you smell struggle in the air
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when everybody knows everybody, & u find that some1 u meet 4 the 1st time knows ur whole family!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see people ready do to anything for the country
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza while u r skyping with someone, he/she hears explosions along ur voice
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza if you’re body starts to itch when there’s no israeli reconnaissance planes in the sky
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you find little kids with great experience about weapons, warplanes, and sounds of explosions
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when bombings are sometimes taken for granted as “part of the normal life” which u’d deal with daily!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you’re out of gaza and all you think of is gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when breaking news don’t stop a groom from decorating his car to pick his bride to their wedding party!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you’d do anything to leave. and do anything to go back
##YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u graduate, and ur chances of finding a job are very weak #gaza #palestine
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you walk in the street and see partially destroyed buildings standing tall beside other buildings
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When Ur mum gets kidnapped, Ur dad imprisoned, Ur sister raped and Ur brother murdered, yet YOU’RE the terrorist here.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when green is a color of hate !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when it’s the first time you come and never want to leave
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when war terms are used in a regular conversation
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you get bored of your mum asking you to come home early before IDF starts his night party!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you tweet an explosions as you hear it
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when at your best, still makel khara !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when your 3yr old sister welcomes you home with news about shelling and dead people!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u create nickname for Gaza like Gazanamo, biggest open air prison
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you ask relatives and friends coming to Gaza to bring you study books instead of chocolate and clothes!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you include #Gaza in the title of your blog! Gaza is us & we are Gaza!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you yearn to be free, and love life to be free #Gaza #Palestie #FB
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u wish to have clean water and fresh air #Gaza #Palestine
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when a 21-yr-old wishes to have a gun in hands and feel the power of being able to shoot her anger out! me!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the table always consists of chili pepper
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you lay on the grass or cold ground and drones add more action to a boring yet beautiful sky view!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when most students develop TRICHOTILLOMANIA as a way to release some of their drones-induces stress!!!!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hang out with friends and all you talk is about football of last night’s operation
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you go out and chant for unity, and the police kicks your ass
RT @imNadZ: #YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you wake up every day and find out that someone you know was killed/injured last night
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when all the #Hashtags are talking about the War, Bombing and Shelling – in Gaza .. or at best: Wedding, also in Gaza!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when big meals are qedra
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u c everyone is willing 2 sacrifice their life for Palestine!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when your father invites his parents for dinner on a friday and the main dish is fatta
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you smell falafel frying @ 7 in the morning
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have falafel, fool, and/or hummus for breakfast and dinner every day
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see the same faces in the same places for 10 years
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u c dirty zionists in the sky bombing innocent kids
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see half of the people are armed and the other half is afraid!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see men spending half of their day waiting at the doors of UNRWA waiting for huminatarian aid!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When you hear all kinds of planes flying over your head and you go to sleep as if nothing is happening!
Following the #YouKnowYouAreInGaza hashtag and discovering a great way to describe what is happening with a sense of humor and courage…
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When armed men in balaclavas surround you and you don’t bat an eyelid
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza, when you see green flags everywhere !!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see people smiling in the worst situations!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the doctor tells you the drug you need is not available in Gaza!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see Israeli drones flying overhead and bombs dropping aimlessly at civilian homes.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u r called Gazan, not Palestinian
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When the future is never predictable!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When you hear all kinds of planes flying over your head&you go to sleep as if nothing is happening
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when palestnians are either mowa6aneen or lajee2een, or fateh or hamas nobody is palestinian anymore!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u meet amazing ppl from around the world telling you “We support you”
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when surgeons don’t have enough tools and feel obliged to sterilize and reuse disposal ones !!!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hear about a full scale operation is about to start & and everybody says” we gonna have fun 2night!”
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza You can’t say Gazans don’t have a sense of humor despite the circumstances!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see unemployed men picking up scraps from destroyed ruined buildings and trying to make the most out of them
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when some people think that the Palestinian Kofeyeh only represents “Fateh”
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hear of innocent fishermen getting killed by the Israeli Navy at sea while trying to make a living 🙁
#YouknowYouAreInGaza When you see people talking politics all the time!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when breast cancer patients undergo mastectomy instead of radiation therapy; the device is not working, no spare parts
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you almost everything u use, eat is smuggled from Egypt #Gaza #Palestine
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you love Egypt and Egyptians
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza, When little children are everywhere in the street begging you to buy from them gum, biscuit or mint!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when an insomniac can’t find melatonin in the pharmacies! it’s a luxury to have supplements!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you say “NILA!”
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When you see people glued to the radio for news about news
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you receive an invitation to attend a videoconference & talk about your life as a Gaza student!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you’re given sommaqiyya right after the groom’s guys party
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When everyones phone beeps @ the same time
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you pass a destroyed house every street you walk.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when most of ur neighbors go to Egypt via tunnels and return back at the same day
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hear bombing in the night, you just turn to the other side!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when lab technicians at the hospital ask doctors to only ask for urgent test as the reagents needed are scant!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when politicians lie as they breath
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you receive stupid randomly calls from unknown numbers asking 4 information about Shalit!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you take a taxi from the 50’s that can barely drive
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see most people are afilliated with either Fateh or Hammas and if not they go for Real Madrid and Barca
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When everybody knows “Kazem” and marks it as a meeting point
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hear 2-3 different sounds of explosions at the same instant
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when visiting Jerusalem is one of your dreams and praying at Al-Aqsa mosque is ur ultimate wish!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when all the foreign journalists r staying at Al-Deira or Marna
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you find all plug-ins occupied as all students are recharging their cellphones at the university..powercuts
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when two brothers hate each other because they support two different parties!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when your #Gaza tweep tweets about an explosion that shaked their house and jokes with you in the next tweet.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when all your best friends are abroad
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When u can’t see your brother and his family 4 more than 10 years because he lives in West bank!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have to do the Friday prayers in the street since there is no place left for you inside the mosque (Tent)
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when find students of medicine,engineering, business administration gather to learn bout International Humanitarian law
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when that brother travels everywhere in the world and he can’t visit his family and his mom in Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have the whole neighborhood on ur facebook account
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when your beloved ones die in West bank and you can’t say the last Goodbye to them!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u’r a medical student and have to wait 2 months to get ur smuggled stethoscope!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza Because the Al-Aqsa is where our hearts and our souls pointed out.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you take a taxi and the driver has news on
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you feel like you’re a stranger in your own country
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you wonder whether you will get out of the Strip at least once in your life or not. #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you use “khod” A LOT
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza if you ask yourself about electricity?
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when everybody you know curses the situation in Gaza and telling you about how much they want to leave
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have complex insults that you have to analyise to understand
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you love that place as much as you hate it. #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you find little kids with great experience about weapons, warplanes, and sounds of explosions
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza you talk to someone from abroad for the first time and they wonder if you have internet! how are we connecting then? Ha
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when most of weddings r actually shahada! & those r the best weddings which every Palestinian wishes!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when every taxi plays Um Kalthoum at night
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you know you’ll be disconnected on 3 pm.. time for the power cut!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when all you hear is generators
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza I fell in despair because all you say there is hope in spite of everything!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you know that you can’t travel!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u suffer withdrawal symptoms if u don’t hear the drones.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you can NEVERRRRRR leave via Erez
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the electricity is off most of the day!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you go back for forth to Rafah crossing a billion times before you leave Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when people abroad love you because you’re from there
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when study psychology and listen to horrific stories from children and adults havin Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u hear everybody saying “FULLA – SHAM3A MNAWARA” after Arab’s got talent program
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when people wonder if they’ll ever see the loved ones out of the Strip.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when gov officials are paid sitting at home
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When despite having work abroad your visa is constantly revoked!!!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you know the chances of getting out of GAZA is slim once you are in.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when going to the #seaside becomes a life-threatening experience.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you get to talk to prime ministers, MPs and artists because you’re an out-spoken young Gazan!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you need to kiss hands and feet to get a job
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u protect Ppl u don’t know
#youknowyouareingaza when the media ignores your death even if you are a baby
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u want a new car u visit the local tunnels instead of the showroom.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you just love Gaza
#youknowyouareingaza when there’s Invasion and Gazawi go out to get pepsi
#youknowyouareingaza when fishing is an extreme sport where you have to dodge Israeli troops who want to kill you
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you spend the whole day out. and ur only 10 mins away from home
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you spend the whole day out. and ur only 10 mins away from home
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When the IDF tell you your husband can leave the strip whenever he wants and there is NO blockade
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u feel that it’s extremely complicated process to get a simple procedure/routine done as renewing ur passport
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hate Gaza & adore it at the same time!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the taxi driver is the most expert of Political experts
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When you can risk your life just going to the toilet
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you wake up on the smell of bread your mother is preparing at 4 in the morning
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when all people around u have their plans somewhere on earth & they desperately want to travel abroad
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u look 4 someone 2 help u find a job since u r at the 1st year on Uni
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza if you are treat by jews as second-class humans…
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when people mistaken posters of #martyrs as nasheed groups coming into town.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you’re tweeting about a bombing while you’re eating your candy
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u play Trix and the invasion in on
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when it’s very difficult to get stuff from around the world through regular mail
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have both extremes in a 100 meter house !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see many stores r called after Turkish names,
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you have a fantastic sense of humour 🙂
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you find Mcdonalds logo on a knafa shop ! FACT!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u watch football match at street and F16 around
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When know the full name of every single person sitting at Roots and EL Dira on Thursdays
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the sound of bombing can’t win over the shisha bubbling #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when know everyone n the city and everyone knows you
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see people rushing to welcome foreigners even if they know zero English
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you think Il Qishawi is a big Supermarket
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u get a pic at alkunuz restaurant
##YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you lose a new friend each time Barca loses a match
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you see atleast 4 weddings a day if not more!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza When every other day 1 of ur family/friends is either killed or dead becuz of malnutrition or lack of medical supplies
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you use ur mobile like its ur keyboard, bcoz ur so used 2 typing on it on twitter when the power goes out!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you go to ATM one day every month before PA and Hamas issue salaries
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you’re able rush down the flight of stairs in pitch darkness and yet never fall.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you curse “Jawwal” everyday!
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you wake up finding your father is dead because of something called siege !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when u dislike IUG
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when an Israeli drone becomes one of your favorite singers. #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you wish you can see your grama on westbank which is the same country because you can’t !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when police mean protect the government and hit the people ! mmm i guess thats in all arab countries
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when there is no petrol for cars , they create gas and cars still can work on it
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you can’t make out whether what you heard was a “bomb” or “a clap of thunder” #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when dreaming is your specialty and living them is your dream !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when saying good bye is more usual than good morning !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when joking with your friends calling them Shit and its ok but when you say donkey they get mad !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you listen to Rita- Marsil khalifa , and you imagine Palestine with honey eyes !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you hear the ambulance alarms louder than the mosques call for praying . just like right now #Gaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you don’t live but survive.
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the question ‘Are you married?’ is always, inevitably, followed by ‘Why not?’
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when being worried is normal more than being happy !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when you want to help an injured girl into a car and Hamas guy closed the door and threaten you !
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when a worker just about to gulp his last falafel sees u and tells us ‘tfaddal’
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when the internet is the only place where you can say what you feel without being beaten and punished
When you see two passengers arguing who should pay for the driver in a taxi #YouKnowYouAreInGaza
#YouKnowYouAreInGaza when deep in your heart u love Gaza & know that its the only place on earth that can make u happy. & have no idea why.

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  1. Reham says:

    Amazing I felt it i love it I dream it 🙂 they lied whene they said u can’t have too diffrent feeling in one heart , you are so lucky as said you are the haven 🙂

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